Septangin. Redesign of packaging

Septangin is a broad-spectrum antiseptic for rapid relief of throat inflammation and effective protection against infections. The drug is available in the form of tablets and spray.

It was necessary to update the design to emphasise the benefits of the product and make it stand out on a highly competitive shelf.


A new design solution ensured that the product was informative and recognisable both
in both the vertical and horizontal versions of the packaging. The illustration was carefully considered,
and the large image of a man with an inflamed throat helps pharmacists and consumers to quickly understand the purpose and essence of the product, making it stand out on the shelf. The new design gives the packaging a clean
and expertise.

To maintain continuity with the previous design, it was decided to keep the primary colours unchanged.
Project team:

Ilya Pushkar — Art director

Irina Shebeko — Technical director

Veronika Nesteruk — Designer

Olga Oleinik — Managing partner, Creative director

Natalya Elinskaya — Account director

Konstantin Oleinik — Creative strategist
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