FABIO – a cup of cappuccino or hot chocolate, just like in a coffee shop

The “Caravan” company and AVC present the hot Italian Fabio.  A new Italian coffee drink.

Fabio is a line of coffee drinks that can replace desserts.  It’s a product for a pleasant coffee break during work or a school day.  It was necessary to develop packaging designs that would reflect Fabio’s character, would draw attention and would set them apart from competition.

Having studied the motives of the target audience, we figured out what a true coffee break means to them.  A cup of cappuccino is a new taste experience, a way to cheer you up and a reason to socialise.  The focus on the territory of pleasure and fun, as well as the name-anthroponym defined the idea of the brand.


The temperamental Fabio became the symbol of joy and hedonism.  The image of the hot Italian served as a metaphor for the brand.  The benefits of the drink are portrayed in a playful way: hot and tender, Italiano vero!  It’s your own in any company.  Fabio definitely knows how to relax!  Sonorita, you will always experience la dolce vita with Fabio.

The comic-style illustrations of the hero became the visual solution.  Each illustration is complemented by a stimulating phrase.  The inclusion of Italian words creates the necessary reference to the cheerful country of origin of the drink.

The large food-zone and the caramel-cream background are responsible for the appetising design.  The view adjustment tools include colour and a plot-story with the hero for each SKU.







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