TINKI is the marmalade tribe. Complex brand development for the first Belarusian chewy marmalade from AVC

Krasnyi Pishchevik launched a line of chewy marmalade.

Modern production with elaboration of all necessary technological chain was created on the production site in Slavgorod, new recipes and forms of jelly products were mastered - it allows to produce the goods, which are not inferior to imported analogues in quality.

From our side complex brand development was required: strategy, name, logo and package series design for new products.


At the analytical stage, areas for strategic development were identified. Several hypotheses were worked out and the brightest and most unconventional for the category was chosen.

The name "TINKI" is short for "gelatinki" and reflects the category of chewy marmalade. It is easy to remember, conveys the mischievous and dynamic character of the brand. A story that immediately resonates with those who know a lot about chewy marmalade.

THINKI is a tribe of funny creatures with its own totem - jellybeans. They act as emotional guides, introducing new flavors and talking about the benefits of the product. Tinkies are not tied to a specific product, they appear in any story and emotionally enhance it. They have snowball fights with the Penguins, and they ride their bikes with the Bear. Every form of marmalade is a reason for them to have fun and play games.

The rock paintings and symbols on the packaging enhance the entourage of the primordial marmalade world.

In communications, we emphasize the Belarusian origin, as the product will be sold in several markets.









Project team:

Vlad Dolzhevsky — Art director

Alexey Litvinovich — Designer

Irina Shebeko — Designer

Ilya Pushkar — Designer

Olga Oleinik — Managing partner, Creative director

Natalya Elinskaya — Account director

Anastasia Sokolovskaya — Copywriter

Ekaterina Martinovich — Illustrator

About project

Brand strategy. Naming. Logo. Package design.

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