The name, firm style and packaging for mare’s milk products

BelKumysProm is the first company in Belarus where mare’s milk and koumiss are produced on an industrial scale. The stud farm is located 60 kilometers from Minsk, away from highways in an ecologically clean area.



The agency of visual communications has worked on the name, firm style and packaging for a new brand in the premium class category. “Author's products” are products that have no analogues in Belarus. The name emphasizes the unique characteristics of mare's milk and becomes a household word for the entire category.



A glass bottle of 250 ml that is the safest and most ergonomic type of packaging was chosen as a package. Glass is absolutely neutral material, doesn’t emit any substances or odors, and 250 ml is the optimal volume for a single milk intake.

Each bottle is manually wrapped in a paper bag, that protects the product from the direct sunlight. The wrapping bag serves as a label and carries the product information.



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Naming. Copywriting. Logo. Package design. Corporate identity.

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