TEART-concentrate 2019: identity development for the international theater forum


TEART is an annual international forum of theatrical art, which collects the best performances from around the world in Belarus. This is a marathon of Belarusian and foreign performances in combination with a rich educational program. The festival is held for the ninth time and every season renews its identity. For the third time the AVC agency has been developing visual styles for TEART.


To create a new visual style of the theater forum, which will reflect the essence of the event and highlight it in the cultural space of the city.


During the festival, Minsk feels the maximum theatrical presence — a parade of acting, directorial identity and spectator involvement. The Belarusian capital is filled with theatrical CONCENTRATE.

The visual embodiment of the idea was provocative visuals with ultra-bright graphics. World dramatists are represented in the images of enthusiastic alchemists. In their hands is the very concentrate, a squeeze from the world theatrical heritage. The metaphor reflects not only the saturation of the forum with the best works. Alchemy is becoming a symbol of innovation, experimentation and creative search, characteristic of modern theater.

A free, emotional style is in tune with the nature of the forum. We challenge template thinking, ironize over theater cliches. The contrast of vibrating acid colors and black and white photos makes the identity expressive and noticeable, attracting the eye and urging you to wake up from the ordinary.









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