Sunny berries. Development of a new brand of juice DO-FA-MI

The Starodorozhsky Fruit and Vegetable Plant, which has been part of the Slutsk Sugar Plant since 2013, brings to the shelves a modern Belarusian brand of premium juices that make it possible to truly appreciate the quality of a natural local product.

The flagships of the collection are mono-flavors with pulp from selected wild berries (cranberries, bilberries, blueberries, lingonberries) collected in an ecologically clean region of Belarus. The product works as a prophylactic agent that strengthens the immune system and increases the protective functions of the organism.

We have developed positioning, name, and packaging design.

After the audit stage and building a map of visual-emotional territories, the basis for building a future brand strategy was determined. The growing demand and fashion for local correct and healthy products pushed us to formulate the essence of the brand – "We do the best for ourselves."

The name refers to dopamine, the pleasure hormone. We emphasize the importance of bright and juicy moments in our lives.

The white color of the packaging, a bright accent on the food zone, the speaking logo talk about the pure composition and quality of the product. The elegant font solution is consonant with the concept of new luxury – naturalness and minimalism.

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Brand strategy. Naming. Logo. Package design.

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