Slim with no restrictions: Leipurin Tukku and AVC have developed a special line of bread "WEIGHTCONTROL"


Leipurin Tukku is an international supplier of baking ingredients, represented in Russia as well. The company works on the B2B2C scheme and is characterized by innovative approach for the promotion of their products. Leipurin offers businesses and retailers not only baking ingredients, but a comprehensive product concept: from the formulation of the product to marketing support and branding, including the name and package layout. Each product concept is based on an in-depth analysis of consumer motives and related trends.


The answer to the healthy lifestyle trend is one of the latest products of the company - "WEIGHTCONTROL" line is for those who aim to reduce or maintain weight. Its range includes five sub-lines - different types of whole grain bread and crispbreads, as well as special low-calorie cookies. All of them are developed by Leipurin in cooperation with the Doctor Bormental Weight Loss Center and help to maintain a healthy diet without disruption and hunger.


Having experience in successful joint projects, Leipurin applied to AVC with several tasks at once. It was required to develop:

- universal packaging concept for the entire product range;

- name of one of the products;

- information booklet for potential clients from the B2B segment.



The style-forming element, which is the measuring tape, ensures the unity of the entire line and conveys its key characteristic — body control products. The elegant lettering and delicate colors continue the idea of ​​lightness and beauty. Infographics and stamps focus on the important features of the product — composition, calorie content and benefits. The sign “Doctor Bormental” convinces on the expertness and quality, contributes to the trust of the audience. The realistic food zone emphasizes the core of the concept - even watching your weight, you can eat tasty. The package also provides an area for placing the logo of the final manufacturer.



Norma-Forma is the name for a sub-line of the healthy bread with high content of protein and dietary fiber. The name reflects the advantage of the product: with this bread it is easy to maintain a normal weight and to be self-confident. The energetic rhythm of the name underlines the idea of ​​cheerfulness. The rhyme helps the name to be memorized.



The main idea of ​​the booklet is that the trend for a healthy diet isn’t a loss for the bread market, but an opportunity. Dietary bread really helps to lose weight, which means it has great prospects in the categories “health” and “wellness”. A clear structure, understandable infographics and capacious text help to convey this idea to the audience in a quickly way. The voluminous statistics of the market, the list of advantages of the line, the description of the products and the benefits of cooperation with Leipurin are compactly presented in a leaflet.





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