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Belinvestbank is one of the top 5 largest banks of Belarus. The priority activities of the Bank are the dynamic development and increasing the role of the country's banking services market.

AVC was faced with the task of finding and implementing a livelier, more technological and attractive bank image. The agency has developed a new company slogan, refreshed the logo and corporate identity, standardized internal and external design of banking units. For the introduction of the updated brand a detailed guide which describes all the visual standards was created.


The slogan “Our experience is our advantage”, despite its apparent simplicity, completely changes the nature of the Bank’s communication, reduces the distance between the bank and consumers, sets a friendly tone for the communication. The experience and technology become issues of the highest priority. The experience as a guarantor of the reliable banking technology, the technology is a properly structured process that ensures the development of the banking service. The bank grows and strengthens its competencies for customers.


The necessary continuity has been retained in the renewed logo. The font has been changed. Now it’s in lower case, the logo has become more modern and readable. The color range has been also refreshed.


The additional branded graphics symbolize the significant consumer features of the bank which are technological effectiveness, development and mutual understanding. A set of visual solutions and techniques that help to identify Belinvestbank immediately has been developed.



The interior and exterior solutions are designed for three bank units’ formats (head office, standard, economy) and take into account all the standards of modern banking services. The furniture and finishing solutions are selected from the point of view of utility and convenience of customer service.


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