New Bor: the flexible identity for unique residential area

In 2014 the company A-100 Development started construction of a new residential district of New Bor, for more then 20 000 apartments. New Bor is located on a territory of over 100 hectares in ecologically region of the city near the main street and prestigious residential area.



Imagine a city where everything is thought out. City where ideas and technology create a comfortable environment for living, working and studying. The agency had a task to develop a corporate identity for the modern urban space with a developed infrastructure, available for all residents.


As a stylistic reference point taken principles of Scandinavian design: laconic forms, democracy, natural, multi-functionality. The synthesis of minimalism and warm emotions. 


On the map of New Bor allocated 12 residential quarter. In addition to the logo area agency has developed a color palette and a sign for each quarter: Cedar, Pine, Spruce, Rowan and others. The color palette and graphics demonstrate the peculiarities of each quarter separately and the district as a whole. Signs fold in a pattern and create a "live" system, which has already become part of the dialogue area and residents with each other and with the developer.



Thanks to the coordinated work of the agency and the company's A-100 Development, managed to lay the foundation for the formation of the style of New Borovoy, which makes the area unique and radically new urban environment in the framework of Minsk.



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