Melihova Cake Stories: development of the brand of Elizaveta Melikhova’s confectionery


Elizaveta Melikhova’s Studio is a private confectionery where cakes and other desserts for individual orders are created. The company has a flexible and personalized approach to customers. Each product is unique, as it is based on the wishes of the customer.


To develop positioning, naming, visual brand identity, that will reflect the advantages of the company and distinguish it from competitors.

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Melikhova Cake Stories. Cakes for your stories

During developing the brand concept, we focused on the idea that cake is more than just a sweet. This is an attribute of happy moments, a witness of important events. And a custom-made cake is an expression of individuality as well. It’s no coincidence that customers ask to depict their favorite character or pet, and a photo on the cake is one of the most popular episodes in Stories. Cakes are stories. The main ingredients in Melikhova's cakes are joyful stories of customers.

The meaning of verbal attributes is enhanced with a dynamic identity. As there are no similar people and moments, there can be no cake universal for all. The flexible corporate identity emphasizes the product uniqueness and individual approach to customers. Style-forming elements each time are filled with a new story.

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Elizaveta Melihova


Brand strategy. Naming. Logo. Corporate identity.

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