Magnum. Development of a retail concept for a retail chain in Uzbekistan

Kazakhstan's largest retail chain Magnum is entering a new market – the first supermarket and hypermarket opened in Tashkent at the end of 2021. From our side we needed to develop a visual concept of the stores design, POSM system and other branding media.


The concept is based on the metaphor of Magnum "talking" to customers in a language they understand, respecting traditional values. This adds emotionality and inspires trust.



The emphasis is on the key emotional zones: cafe, farmer's island, fruits and vegetables. In them, thematic installations and traditional ornaments simulate the images of the market familiar to the Uzbek customer.



Design idea: as in the usual Uzbek market.

Starting from the communication message "Secrets of abundance," we develop this theme in the retail space.


Beauty-zone is represented by a unique shop-in-shop solution – that is a separate store for female customers inside the hypermarket.

Navigation and information elements were developed to make it easier to navigate in modern retail.

The space is filled with lively communications – they help strengthen the emotional connection with the brand and reflect the open, generous nature of the chain.






To comply with the standards of the new identity, the agency has developed brand documents – a guidebook and retail book with technical detailing, created jointly with the company "NIKOENGINEERING".



Project team:

Vlad Dolzhevsky — Art director

Liza Marushko – Designer

Alexandra Atroshkina — Designer

Irina Shebeko — Designer

Alexey Litvinovich – Designer

Ilya Pushkar — Designer

Anastasia Sokolovskaya — Copywriter

Olga Oleinik — Managing partner, Creative director

Natalya Elinskaya — Account director

Daniyar Zhiketov, Head of Marketing Department

«It was a very cool experience when we created a design concept for store decoration and immediately implemented it.

We, as a customer, received full support from AVC and Nikoengineering. Colleagues, despite different time zones, were always in touch.

That case when a business partnership turned into an effective creative trio. Our customers in Tashkent have been pleased with the results of our work for more than half a year».

About project

Brand strategy. Copywriting. Corporate identity. Вrandbook. Retail branding.

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