Magnit. Original solution for the wine zone

Magnit retail chain is rethinking traditional approaches to store decoration. In addition to thematic designs, created individually for each superstore, there are universal techniques used in many stores. Our agency needed to develop a design for the wine department.

The solution:

The wine library is a unique rack, where along with books on the shelves there are collectible wine varieties. The bottles are arranged by country of origin, as by sort.

The dark burgundy palette with the addition of brown and graphite underlines the cultural significance of the noble beverage and symbolizes the diversity of the wine palette. In the center of the library there is an antique bust with the signature "In vino veritas" - a metaphor for the centuries-old traditions carefully preserved in every bottle.

On the shelves are books about wines, the art of wine selection and the right combination.

Also in the department is installed electronic assistant guide "Sommelier", which provides all the necessary information about the selected wine by barcode. Laconic, universal design allows you to place it in any superstore of Magnit chain.

case Wine-00.png

кейс винная библиотека-01.png



Project team:

Vlad Dolzhevsky — Art director

Liza Marushko – Designer

Alexandra Atroshkina — Designer

Olga Oleinik — Managing partner, Creative director

Anastasia Sokolovskaya — Copywriter

Natalya Elinskaya — Account director

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