Magnit. Development of a retail concept for Family format stores

Russia's largest retail chain "Magnit" has updated the format of "Family" stores. It was necessary to develop a universal design for supermarkets.

The difficulty was the variety of stores – the height of the ceiling, the configuration of the hall, the organization of storage of goods on the upper shelves of shelves.


We developed a visual system that was as flexible as possible for any space.

The style of decoration turned out to be recognizable for the stores of the Magnit family, with the addition of techniques that are unique to this format. In the space of the supermarket organically alternate textures of wood and graphics, created on the basis of a corporate element of the network. The system approach helped to compensate different formats of constructions and created a dynamic rhythm.

There are a total of four types of navigation in the store area. The first of them is the price one, which provides information about current discounts and promotions. The inter-row navigation indicates the location of products from different categories.

The third type of navigation is the communication concerning the store itself: these are offers, services, self-service instructions.

The fourth type tells us about the products and how to choose them correctly. Here are various media with copywriting created in our agency. For example, "Crispy crust – choose by flavor," "Senor tomato – choose ripe."

The result was a comprehensive project with a universal design that forms a comfortable environment for customers.

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