KORONET McKilt. The character is strong. Scottish

KORONET is a premium beer brand with a British style. In 2023 the brand's portfolio was expanded with a new limited-edition variety with an authentic Scottish character - KORONET McKilt. 

Our team was tasked with developing a design that would capture the rebellious spirit of the new product, while maintaining the brand's prestige. We also wanted to appeal to a younger audience and strengthen our position in the premium segment.

We used the traditional Scottish kilt pattern at the heart of the design. We also added a couple of other elements to emphasise the character of the new beer. One of them was a stylised fragment of a Scottish castle tower, which acted as a recognisable symbol of the beer. We also added a kiltpin, which is such a traditional Scottish accessory. The visual elements work well in tandem with the colourful name - McKilt.

To complement the strong character beer style, we added a traditional kilt bag - the sporran on our key visual.
Project team:

Ilya Pushkar — Art director

Irina Shebeko — Technical director

Veronika Nesteruk — Designer

Olga Oleinik — Managing partner, Creative director

Natalya Elinskaya — Account director

Anna Vasiukovich — Project manager
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