«Ibikeminsk»: identity of social project

The project «Ibikeminsk» is a joint social  initiative, launched by the Group of Companies «A-100» and Minsk bike community , to promote bicycles as an accessible urban transport vehicle.

The key point about the style is the project name itself.

Ibikeminsk acts as a personal statement of the individual who has already made choice and preferred bike to any other transport vehicles.

With an objective to promote the above mentioned slogan and spread the word in the urban community, we developed a flexible and dynamic style, thus simplifying the process of communication with city dwellers and reaching the target audience through a dialogue.




Who knows, maybe, such an approach will make it possible in the future to build up a live urban brand, that will get on in the city community and urban environment: for instance, in thematic social advertisement or branded souvenirs.

We sincerely believe that once the bike has won enough popularity for it to be treated as a most ordinary and accessible transport vehicle, the number of genuine city dwellers (those who will be contributing to the active community instead of acting as a group of individuals, residing in the particular territory) will be growing dramatically.

Stop hiding in cars, office suites and metro coaches!

Turn your face to the city and become its part and the changes will not be slow to arrive!




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