Family traditions of home Icelandic cuisine. Development of trout and salmon packaging for Belvneshrybtorg

"Family Traditions" is a new line of delicatessen fish, created according to the best recipes of home Icelandic cuisine.

AVC developed the packaging design, created and visualized communications that reflect the benefits of the product.

The basis was the natural motifs of the northern island. A minimalistic illustration in the Nordic style seems to tell us a story about the northern country and rhymes with graphics on the logo-emblem.

The image of a cozy house, the name «Family Traditions», unlimited spaces and the natural texture of craft paper - everything works to create a unique character.


2_2 ╤Г╨┐╨░╨║╨╛╨▓╨║╨╕.png




6_╨┤╨▓╨╡ ╤Б╤В╨╛╤А╨╛╨╜╤Л.png



Tatyana Bagina, Marketing and Advertising Manager, Belvneshrybtorg LLC; Lyudmila Alekseenkova, Deputy Marketing Director of Belvneshrybtorg LLC:

«“Family traditions” were created for adherents of a healthier lifestyle who remember and love tasty home-made food, buy farm products. They are important for the purity of the product, the naturality of the ingredients. They take care of their health, prefer more expensive, but high-quality food.

The AVC team was able to accurately transmit all these messages using the original identity and craft materials for packaging».

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