Evolution of beer design "Bobrov"

"Bobrov" is a brand of Heineken, which is included in the top-5 beer brands of Belarus. In 2015, after the redesign, problems were found: the product was lost on the shelves, changes in the color and compositional labeling solutions were necessary.

The task of AVC was to eliminate the inaccuracies of the previous version of the design, doing this in the most consistent way, so as not to confuse the consumer with frequent changes of design. The work was carried out in two directions: design and optimization of printing technology.




The first direction included updating the color solution, working with the composition of labels, balancing scales and details of all design elements. Thanks to this "inconspicuous" restyling the design of labels "Bobrov" became expressive and bright.


The second direction included the development of technological "tricks", the preparation of working files, the control of test prints and the beginning of circulation. The result is effectively printed labels, obtained due to the competent preparation of files for different printing methods, work with the use of transparency on a metallized basis, white and special colors.

Within the framework of restyling, the line has expanded — the launch of the novelty "Bobrov № 5" is a light beer with an alcohol content of at least 5%, distinguished by its bright, rich taste and memorable name. "Bobrov № 5" has made in a new color for the brand.



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