Evitaliya: probiotics of new generation

Kaliningrad company "Milk" has introduced a new milk product "Evitaliya", created on the basis of scientific research and production company "PRIBIOTIKA" and the Institute of Biochemistry and Physiology of Microorganisms name Scriabin. Branding agency AVC has developed packaging design.



"Evitaliya" is the unique dairy bioproduct, which is composed of five live lactobacilli, probiotics of new generation. The agency was tasked to develop a design that would reflect the properties of the product: "Evitaliya" restores and protects the intestinal microflora, improves mood, gives energy and lightness.


Butterflies on the package is the vivid, memorable image, a symbol of light, "floating" feeling. Each butterfly is unique and represents a certain kind of laktobatery included in the product.


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Joint-stock company "Milk"


Logo. Package design.

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