Corporate colors and suitable structure: AVC has designed the packaging for new Prostore’s own brand products

That was a continuation of the agency’s collaboration with one of the largest Belarusian retailers. About 80 units were already created during the cooperation. slide01.jpg

The design of Prostore’s own brand products maintains stylistic continuity with the company identity. Contrast and expressive brand block is enhanced by geometric boxes in the colors of the logo. This ensures brand recognition and transmits to the product the positive reputation of the distribution network.

Naturalistic images instantly tell the buyer about the product, large descriptors facilitate navigation. The packaging reflects the essence of Prostore’s own brand: clear product from a familiar seller without overpayments for the brand. The universal design structure allows to adapt the concept to different packaging formats easily.





Prostore’s own brand products are represented with all basic product categories: dairy products, eggs, sausages, groceries, juices, water, coffee, sweets, household goods.

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