Biologically active food supplements of “Pharmland” in new design

As part of the rebranding of the Belarusian-Dutch pharmaceutical company "Pharmland" AVC has developed a new design for the line of biologically active food supplements.

Target audience is modern city dwellers who care about their health and the health of loved ones. The agency had a task to develop a fresh visual solution corresponding to the nature of each product in the line and expectations of the target audience.



The updated line combines unique craft illustrations that emphasize naturalness and high quality, as well as reveal the composition of each product. Endotelan — multipurpose source of natural antioxidants on the basis of grape seed extract; Prostam-Quattro is a comprehensive supplement of extracts and oils of Africa (dwarf palm Sabal), Mexico (prickly pear cactus) and Asia (pumpkin seed oil) with addition zinc and vitamins; Omega Three and Omega Three Pro — source of essential of omega 3 and vitamin E, in large quantities contained in marine fish.





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