Adtuliny-Adsyuliny. Development of identity for the practical lecture centre

Practical lecture centre by artist Irina Knyazeva – a project to rethink the Belarusian heritage and traditions. The creative part of the course is painting carpets, which were popular in Belarusian villages and towns in the middle of the last century. A kind of art therapy, where the past becomes a source of new meanings for us today.

The agency's task is to develop a corporate identity for the lecture centre.

- Where do ideas come from?
- From «adsyul’»*, then from «adtul’»**…
- And how do they come?
- By «adtuliny» and «adsyuliny».

From this dialogue with Irina, the name of the lecture center «Adtuliny-Adsyuliny» was born, emphasizing the connection with the past and the present: the painted carpets act as guides for our collective memory.

A visual metaphor was the hands indicating the different directions of incoming ideas. By connecting them, we get an individual focus - our own paradisiacal plot.
The iconic characters of the native artist Alena Kish make the style deep and emotionally close to every Belarusian.  

* adsyul’ – here;
**adtul’ – there. 

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6 copy.png
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Project team:

Vlad Dolzhevsky — Art director

Ilya Pushkar — Designer

Anastasia Sokolovskaya — Copywriter

Olga Oleinik — Managing partner, Creative director

Natalya Elinskaya — Account director

About project

Naming. Copywriting. Logo. Corporate identity.

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