A theatre that rebels: bright torn scraps of paper background and sticker pack style in the identity of the “TEART” theatrical forum

Despite a difficult year and the closure of borders, “ART Corporation” did not cancel the Tenth International Forum of Theatrical Art “TEART” – they held it in video format. For the fourth year in a row, the development of corporate identity was entrusted to the AVC agency.

The task of their identity remained the same – to emphasize the relevance of theatrical art and the innovative nature of the forum, to draw attention to the event, highlighting it in the city space. How to do it again without repeating.

The solution became the symbolic illustrations in the modern style of sticker packs. They call for a fresh look at the famous stories, attracting the young audience. The grotesque typography and dynamic logo reflect the lively, experimental nature of “TEART”. The background, stylized to resemble bright scraps of paper, conveys the spirit of rebellion and provocations inherent in a modern theatre. At the same time, the torn fragments fulfill a utilitarian function – they help to zone the printed space and structure information. The color-coding visually separates the different themes of the forum: the international program, the Belarusian program, and the TEART school. The flexible adaptive style is easily scalable for all types of media: from city posters to badges and diplomas.











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